Android Development

• Android is the world's most popular mobile platform for creating apps and games for hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the globe.

• The Android Development course is principally intended for students and professionals who are willing to learn Android application development.

• The course basically provides the step-by-step practical guidance for creating competent Apps in Android.

• No strict prerequisites to learn Android App Development.

• Prior knowledge of a modern object oriented languages like Java, C++, C#, PHP etc. is beneficial.

• A special Java learning session is included in the course modules for the candidates who are unaware of any of the object oriented languages.

Module 1 – Basics of Java

• OOPs Concepts

• JDK, JRE and JVM

• Class, Object & Interface

• Packages

• Inheritance

• Exception handling

• Note: Learners with prior knowledge of Java can skip this Module -1 Basics of Java.

Module 2 – Introduction to Android

• Setting up development environment

• Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension

• Basic Building blocks, UI and Communication Components

• Android API levels (versions)

• Android Emulator

• Android Emulator Settings and Shortcuts.

Module 3 – Android Application Architecture

• Manifest File - AndroidManifest.xml

• Activities and Activity lifecycle

• Layouts & Drawables

• Locales

• Widgets

• Views

• Building a sample App.

Module 4 – Networking, Designing and Debugging Android

• Customizing Widgets

• Customizing Layouts, Views, Buttons

• Bluetooth and Networking

• Utilize the network with HTTPClient, HTTPResponse


• ADB – Android Debug Bridge Tool

• Building an App and debugging the code .

Module 5 – Content Providers and storage

• SQLite Programming

• SQLite Database

• SQLiteOpenHelper Class

• Cursors

• Internal Storage

• External Storage

• Accessing Contacts (Reading and updating)

• Read bookmarks

• Develop data driven App to showcase the database access techniques.

Module 6 –Media and Interacting with other Apps

• Time and Date Picker

• Images and media

• Styles & Themes

• Alert dialogs and Toast

• Video and the media player

• Intents

• Interacting with other Apps - examples.

Module 7 – Advance Android

• Notifications

• Broadcast receivers

• Adapters

• Using Sdcards

• Parsing XML

• JSON Parsing

• Using Maps, GPS and other Location based services

• Accessing Phone services (Calls, SMSs)

• Proximity, light recognition, touch, pressure and gestures sensorsn.

Module 8 – Project Work

• Develop application for publishing

• Supporting Different Android Devices

• Signing the application

• Deploying the application on device

• Testing

• Publishing application on Google’s Android Market

• Downloading the application from the market

• Removing our already published application from the market.

You will be all set to work on Android App development on your own with our knowledge oriented training including practical sessions and project which consists of an end-to-end App Development and publishing it on Google's market place..

After the end of course, our staff and trainers will also assist you, with the following:
• Rewrite your resume to display the Android Development skills
• Interview Questions & Guidance
• Mock Interview
• Guidance with reference to vacancies and recruiting companies in Android

Currently smartphones are shaping the future and Android is one of the most incredible mobile platforms. The tablets, smartphones and personal mobile computers are ruling the market and will continue to do so in the future.

Hence, companies are looking for Android professionals. Some of the job roles which are offered on the basis of skills, knowledge and experience in Android are
• Android Developers
• Sr. Android Developers
• Android Tech Leads
• Android engineers, etc.

Be an entrepreneur – Develop your own Android Apps and Publish on Google's Android Market place.

Android is an open source technology and with few hours of training you can start building your own apps and publish them on Google’s Android Applications Market Place. You can reach large mass of audience who are using the Android Phones, tablets and other Android devices. You can make a limitless earning by creating useful paid apps or by adding paid features in your free apps.

Knowledge of Android truly provides endless opportunities for future career growth.

40Hrs (Lectures + Practical Sessions)

20Hrs (Project Work)


Core Java & Adv Java
C & C++ programming

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