Python Programming

• Python is one of the most influential open source programming languages.

• It is easier to grasp for new learners, flexible and maintainable for software development and scripting.

• The powerful Python libraries let programmers work more quickly and cut down delays in code development.

• Python is been used in various industry domains like arts, business, engineering, education, finance, science and so on. It is also used in the field of analytics and big data solutions like Hadoop.

• The course introduces the learner to Python programming and covers advance topics in Python.

• After finishing the course, the students will be able to develop vital Python programs in several domains. The course is designed with numerous practical hands on sessions.

• Many top organizations like Google, Yahoo, Disney, Nokia, NASA, IBM, Zensar Technologies etc. work on Python and are on constant lookout for skilled Python programmers.

• There are no mandatory prerequisites to start learning Python.

• However, basic programming knowledge of C, C++, and Java will be useful to get a quick grip on Python programming.

Module 1 – Getting Started

• Introduction to Python

• Python History & Strengths and Weaknesses

• Installing Python

• Executing Python from the Command Line

• Python Editors and IDEs

• Python keywords

• Variables and Data Types in Python

• Mathematical operators and expressions

• The string Class & strings

• Flow Control

• Lab Session: Writing, compiling and executing simple Python programs

Module 2 – Python Sequences and Collections

• Sequences

• Lists

• Tuples

• Sets

• Dictionaries

• Sorting and Copying Collections

• Lab Session: Practicing Python programs using collections

Module 3 – Functions & Exceptions

• Functions

• Built-in functions in Python

• User Defined Functions

• Parameters, Optional Parameters

• Function Documentation

• Variable Number of Arguments

• Lambda

• Closures

• Errors

• Run Time Errors

• The Exception Model

• Exception Hierarchy

• Handling Multiple Exceptions

• raise

• assert

• User Defined / Custom Exception

Module 4 – Modules in Python

• Modules

• Standard Modules - sys

• Standard Modules - math

• Standard Modules - time

• The dir Function

Module 5 - Input and Output

• Introduction

• Data Streams

• Custom Data Streams

• Access Modes

• Writing Data to a File

• Reading Data From a File

• Additional File Methods

• Using Pipes as Data Streams

• Handling IO Exceptions

• Working with Directories

• Metadata

• The pickle Module

Module 6 – Python Classes

• Classes in Python

• Principles of Object Orientation

• Creating Classes

• Instance Methods

• File Organization

• Special Methods

• Class Variables

• Inheritance

• Polymorphism

• Type Identification

• Custom Exception Classes

• Class Documentation - pydoc

Once after the completion of the course you can develop complex Python programs. With our training, practical sessions and project work you can confidently work not only in Python environment but also face and crack the job interviews.

After the course our staff and trainers will assist you with

• Rewrite your resume to demonstrate Python programming skills

• Interview Questions & Guidance

• Mock Interview

• Guidance with reference to vacancies and recruiting companies in Python

Python is widely used in diversified domains such as E-Commerce, ERP Solutions, CRM, GIS and Mapping, bioinformatics, computing in Government sectors like administration and public safety.

Such an extensive use of Python and that too in different domains provides endless opportunities for Python professionals.

Many top companies keep hiring Python professionals for various levels and positions such as

    •  Python Programmer & Developer

    •  Sr. Python Programmers & Developer

    •  System Engineer

    •  Solution Architects

    •  Tech Lead

    •  Software Testing

    •  Quality Assurance Engineers

Python programming skill is one of the niche programming skills and mastering Python will definitely facilitate students to leap high in their career

80Hrs (Lectures + Practical Sessions)

20Hrs (Project Work)


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